Jeramy Black's TaeKwonDo Academy is a life skills and professional developement academy dedicated to excellence and honoring 4000 years of TaeKwonDo tradition. Children and Adults of almost any age can benefit from our lessons.

If fitness, health and self-protection are your goals you'll quickly appreciate the tangible results of the structured training you'll recieve in our lessons.

If increasing your child's academic performance and self discipline is a goal, our Excellence in Education Program and a unique environment of individual encouragement combined with rigid class structure will get you on the right path and ensure future sucess.

Step inside and see why we are the nation's premier martial arts program. With a proven curriculum for men, women, and children, we offer principle based lessons that are sure to exceed your expectations.

Jeramy Black's TaeKwonDo Academy | (270)793-9090 | 1107 Shive Lane | Bowling Green, KY 42103